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Chocolate Chia and Hemp Seed Pudding

One of the most challenging obstacles to overcome if you are embarking on a journey to better your health, is to manage sweet tooth cravings. Often times, it is seemingly impossible to control. The thing is, until blood sugar is stabilized, those cravings will continue to hit you hard. And one of the best ways… Continue reading Chocolate Chia and Hemp Seed Pudding

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Chocolate Avocado Chia Smoothie

If you are looking for a quick nutritious snack/mini meal to take on the go or something to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further than this delicious, nutrition-packed, smoothie. This glass of chocolaty goodness packs tons of fiber, iron, calcium, B-complex vitamins, vitamins E and K, EFAs, magnesium, potassium, and zinc! It is super… Continue reading Chocolate Avocado Chia Smoothie

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Low Carb Zucchini Enchiladas

Mexican food is delicious. It's my favourite cuisine and the wonderful thing about it, besides the food combinations and flavours, is that it is super easy to make low carb/keto friendly. Enchiladas are a staple and I used to make them the old fashioned way. Definitely not low carb! So I decided to try something… Continue reading Low Carb Zucchini Enchiladas

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Lasagna Stuffed Peppers – Keto/Low Carb

I used to LOVE lasagna. I used to make it as a comfort food and eat way too much of it in one sitting. I decided to try out a pasta-free version of my own, and it came out amazing! I know there is a really amazing mock-noodle lasagna out there that lots of keto/low… Continue reading Lasagna Stuffed Peppers – Keto/Low Carb

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Instant Pot Bone Broth

I finally made bone broth in the Instant Pot and I can't believe I waited so long to do it! Not only was it super easy, it took 1/4 of the time it usually takes to make bone broth on the stove and it tastes absolutely fantastic. Instant Pot Bone Broth 10-12 servings | Prep… Continue reading Instant Pot Bone Broth

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100 Mouth-Watering Keto/Low Carb Dinners

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is: What do I eat for dinner? Where can I find good recipes? So, I've put together this list of the yummiest dinners for the ketogenic/low carb lifestyle! Enjoy 🙂 Chicken: Grilled Chicken and Peanut sauce https://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/2017/07/grilled-chicken-w-peanut-sauce-keto-low-carb.html Chicken Dijon with Mushrooms and Artichokes http://peaceloveandlowcarb.com/chicken-dijon-with-mushrooms-and-artichokes/ Crunchy keto… Continue reading 100 Mouth-Watering Keto/Low Carb Dinners

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The Best Keto/Low Carb Bagels (cheese free, dairy free option) – 2.4g NET Carbs!

I've been wanting to make a bagel recipe for a while now, and finally had the time to do it today. I've seen a few recipes floating out there in Keto-Land, but I've always found them either too complicated, too cheesy (fathead bagels), or I didn't like the ingredients. Now that I've developed this recipe,… Continue reading The Best Keto/Low Carb Bagels (cheese free, dairy free option) – 2.4g NET Carbs!