It’s my life, holistically balanced.

Welcome to Holistically Balanced Living, the chronicles of my journey to healthy eating and living through eating a low carbohydrate diet, being more active, and making better choices. In January 2017, I decided to make a change and take control of my body and health. I found the ketogenic lifestyle, and have never looked back. 65 lbs lost, a new perspective on life gained, and my life has changed forever.

Some days I think about my journey and feel overwhelmed by the emotions that come flooding. I often feel like this isn’t my life. I often feel like I’m dreaming. I have a hard time believing that I did it. I finally did it.
Evie 1Now, I’m that person that reads labels and preaches about nutrition. Now, I’m that person that turns up their nose at fast food and drives waiters crazy when I go out to eat. Now, I’m that person that others turn to for nutritional and healthy living advice. Now, I’m studying to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.
If you would have told me this one year ago, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed. I used to find people like me so intimidating because I simply could not understand how it was possible to have a healthy relationship with food. I couldn’t comprehend the fact that it was possible to have a healthy view of food if you weren’t naturally thin or if you were genetically susceptible to rapid weight gain. Full disclosure: I would roll my eyes. To me, these people just didn’t understand. To a degree, they never will understand the battles some people fight when it comes to food. But I’ve learned that everyone has their own personal battles and if you’re an advocate for healthy eating, something meaningful is driving it and that’s all that matters.
Making changes isn’t easy. Sometimes you have to start small. Other times, you just have to dive in and swim. As long as you take that initial step, you’re better off than you were the day before. Taking control of your health is one of the most rewarding and uplifting experiences you can ever have. I can attest to this. I’ve come to realize that there is nothing better then reflecting on your journey to see how far you’ve come and how successful you’ve been. There is nothing better then knowing that your own personal strength, commitment and dedication, has enabled you to overcome a condition that has been plaguing you since childhood. That you overcame an addiction that most of the Western World struggles with. The power and control that comes with it can never be duplicated. The happiness that comes with it is like nothing you’ve ever felt.
evie 2
I overcame the biggest physical and mental challenge of my life. I overcame an addiction that has been with me since I was a child. I know firsthand how hard it can be to even think about yourself without an obsession with food. But its possible and I’m a real life example. I know it’s overwhelming. I know it’s emotional. I know it’s downright terrifying. But I also know its possible. Those demons never truly go away and every so often you’ll be reminded that they’re there, but it will no longer bring you down. That reminder will only make you stronger and more determined. It will only make you happier and healthier. And I am here to help you accomplish this.

I offer nutritional consultation, meal plans, and weight loss coaching and management programs. I provide personalized support, including weekly meal plans and recipes, that are tailored to your lifestyle, health concerns, medications and dietary restrictions. Follow my blog for tons of information, connect with me on Facebook/Instagram (@holisticallybalancedliving) or send me an email (holisticallybalancedliving@gmail.com) if you’d like help to begin your journey.

Peace and love,

Evie Levitin

NOTE: Information, articles and blog posts on this website, any affiliate websites, and all support programs offered are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any condition and are not intended to replace medical advice. It is always advised to consult your doctor or other medical professional if you have specific concerns, questions or comments.


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