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A Nutrient Dense Simple Keto Meal

salad and wings

Dinner tonight was a Greek salad (olives, goat feta, yellow peppers, avocado oil and vinegar) and Chicken wings. This is a simple meal. I like to keep things simple. This meal is indicative of most of my meals, because the Ketogenic lifestyle is about eating healthy, whole foods.

Despite what others may say, it shouldn’t just about being in ketosis. If it was, it would be called ketogenesis, the biological term for the process of the body that produces ketones. The Ketogenic lifestyle shouldn’t just be about eating something that’s not keto-approved even if it “fits your macros”. It shouldn’t just be about eating obscene amounts of meat or dairy. Sure, to each his own, but I get so frustrated when people come to me asking for help in their health but being fed so much misinformation about the Ketogenic lifestyle. Keto is about cleansing your body and fueling it with food that is natural, whole, and organic (if possible). It is about eating the way our ancestors did for centuries, with an emphasis on fat, given what modern science has taught us about it’s importance.

With that said, I would like to dissect this meal, to paint a picture for those confused about the ketogenic lifestyle, and whether meals like this provide you enough nourishment. 

The wings: 

  • provide 40g of protein (a complete protein with all amino acids) 
  • Provide 40g of fat (30g from the chicken, 10g from the avocado oil I used as seasoning) 
  • Great source of heme iron
  • A good source of omega 3 EFA in the avocado oil

The salad: 

  • olives provide a healthy dose of fat, have antioxidant properties, and provide a small amount of iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin A
  • The yellow pepper is an excellent source of vitamin A, B, C and E, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and is a source of potassium and niacin. 
  • The leafy green romaine provides magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, C and K, manganese, folate, and iron
  • Goat feta provides a great ratio of fat and protein, as well as calcium, iron, vitamin D and K, the B Vitamins thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin, and phosphorus 
  • Avocado oil provides a great dose of fat that keeps you fuller longer and more satisfied and apparently it helps the absorption of vitamins and minerals

The above meal is FULL of goodness that provides a wonderful dose of macronutrients and  micronutrients. Eating meals like this, as well as a meals that includes butter, eggs and avocados (both of which are absolute superfoods and pack a ton of macro and micro nutrients), will allow you maintain an optimal state of health through food and diet. 

Keto on! 

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