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The Importance of Electrolytes


If you’re new to keto or thinking of diving in, read this post.

Electrolytes are KEY to allowing you to feel better than you can ever imagine while eating keto. It is critical to ensure that your electrolyte levels are adequate on this way of eating. So what exactly does that mean? Let me introduce you to your new 3 best friends:

1. Salt (sodium)
2. Magnesium
3. Potassium

These 3 components are the makeup of most electrolyte solutions and what keep your body feeling full of energy and strong. Except, you don’t need to buy a nasty concoction from the store that more resembles a toilet bowl cleaner than a drink supposedly good for you.


You may need a little extra salt in your diet on keto. Yes, you’re constantly bombarded with messages telling you to reduce your sodium. Let me explain. Carbohydrates cause your liver to retain sodium, and since our typical diet is so high in carbs, those sodium levels become dangerous. HOWEVER, on keto we have eliminated all that “carbage” so our body isn’t holding on to as much sodium. But sodium is necessary for our bodies. Moreover, lack of sodium prevents the adequate absorption of your 2 other besties, magnesium and potassium. So, a general guideline is getting 2tsp of salt a day. It’s a guideline though, so go by how you feel. Generally, just salt your foods to taste, perhaps adding a little more to your meals after cooking (pink salt is best). You can even add a little to you water if you feel low energy or a little tired. This will provide you with a nice pick-me-up on those low energy days. Thankfully, that is not common on keto.


Overall, keto or not, many people have a deficiency in magnesium. This is generally evident by getting those nasty muscle cramps (Charlie horse). If you get those, you have a magnesium deficiency. On keto, it’s a little harder to eat magnesium rich foods because many of them are not keto, but supplements can really help. Some find they need it some don’t. If you’re working out, you may need it more than someone not exercising. And remember, salt helps the absorption of magnesium, so they go hand in hand.


NEVER TAKE A POTASSIUM SUPPLEMENT WITHOUT THE GUIDANCE OF A DOCTOR. It can be extremely dangerous. Eat potassium rich foods such as avocados, mushrooms, and leafy greens. That alone is enough for your body. Get your salt in to ensure adequate absorption of the potassium you eat, and you will feel better than you ever have!

Keto on friends!

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