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The Great Breakfast Debacle

Eat breakfast, they said. It’s good for your metabolism, they said. Well, they were wrong. I mean, sure, if you eat breakfast, good for you. But if you don’t, it really doesn’t make a difference. Yes, there was that one study that suggested people who eat breakfast seemed to lose a little more weight that those who didn’t. But, there were so many other factors to consider, I hardly think this constituted scientific evidence.

It has been thought that eating breakfast increases your metabolism, is good for heart health, and allows you to control cravings better. Newer studies have looked at these claims and have concluded that, in fact, it doesn’t make a difference.

As breakfast relates to metabolism, the theory that eating breakfast, as well as small frequent meals throughout the day, is good for your metabolic rate has been debunked. Aside from the fact that boosting one’s metabolic rate is complex, all this does is spike and subsequently crash our insulin levels. This results in getting hungrier faster, and craving more of those items that spiked your insulin in the first place. It not only works the opposite to what we thought, but it’s a slippery slope. Your body just continues to ask for more and more food on a more frequent basis.

As for the effect on your heart, science has shown us that this theory is also a myth. According to an article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating breakfast has no bearing on heart health.

Scientists also looked into the claim that eating breakfast helps weight loss and curbs cravings. The older studies suggested this to be true, but on closer examination, additional factors proved to be much more important, and were evident in the “breakfast-eating” group. Such factors included overall healthy eating and physical activity. Moreover, research shows that even though non-breakfast-eaters were more hungry at lunch time, they didn’t eat more daily calories than the breakfast-eaters. In fact, breakfast-eaters tended to consume more calories per day than the non-breakfast-eaters.

Morale of the story, don’t kick yourself if you don’t feel like eating breakfast. Listen to your body and eat because you are hungry, not because someone somewhere told you you should eat at a specific time.

Keto on, Friends!


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