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Keto Snacking: The Ultimate List of no-fuss keto snacks

I get asked all the time: What do I snack on? Well, the truth is, I don’t really snack. I used to snack A LOT, in my pre-keto life. But I don’t really snack anymore. My body just doesn’t feel the need to eat every hour (or 2) because my insulin levels are controlled and my meals are very filling. However, many people need to snack when they begin their keto journey or when they go through periods of feasting. And honestly, every so often, I snack as well. So I’ve put together a list of simple and easy keto snacks:

  1. Nuts (pecans are my FAVOURITE). Check out the Pecan Popcorn Recipe I posted in the Ketofied Kitchen section of the blog. Almonds can be made the same way. Or eat raw too!
  2. Cheese – any full fat cheese
  3. Celery and cream cheese
  4. Almond Butter (or other nut butter)
  5. Cheese chips with guacamole and/or salsa and/or sour cream
  6. Hard boiled eggs
  7. Cold cuts/salami and cream cheese roll ups
  8. Beef jerky
  9. Bacon
  10. Fat bombs
  11. Kale chips/Brussel Sprout chips/zucchini chips
  12. bulletproof coffee
  13. Berries
  14. Pork Rinds
  15. Seeds
  16. Pickles
  17. Seaweed
  18. Full fat cottage cheese
  19. Tuna salad
  20. Egg salad
  21. Chicken Salad
  22. Lettuce BLT (Mayo, bacon, tomato wrapped in a large lettuce leaf)
  23. Deviled Eggs
  24. Cream Cheese Pancakes
  25. Full fat yogurt
  26. Low Carb Smoothies (My fav ingredients: Almond milk, avocado, keto-sweetener, cocoa, almond butter, kale or spinach, matcha powder, strawberries, etc)
  27. Melted brie with nuts for dipping
  28. Cauliflower and Broccoli with melted cheese
  29. Keto-approved Veggies dipped in Caesar/ranch/blue cheese dressing/cream cheese/salsa/guacamole
  30. Smoked salmon and goat cheese/cream cheese
  31. Pecan and cream cheese with cinnamon
  32. Olives, feta and tomato
  33. Grilled mushrooms, tomato sauce and mozzarella  (or grilled mushrooms and any cheese will taste amazing)
  34. Fat head dough crackers
  35. Keto/Low carb bagels

Enjoy and keto on,


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