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Be Bulletproof

Almost every morning, I start my day with a Bulletproof Coffee (BPC). For those that don’t know, you add fat into your coffee as a way to boost your energy, increase your productivity, keep away cravings and keep you full. Everyone has a different way that they take their BPC, but I think I’ve found the most delicious version:

1Tbsp heavy whipping cream
1Tbsp Grass-Fed Butter
1Tbsp Coconut Oil
1 cup of coffee


The key to a delicious BPC is BLEND BLEND BLEND. I use a Magic Bullet, put all ingredients in it and blend until creamy and frothy. I sip on it all morning and don’t feel the need to eat again until around 1 or 2pm, sometimes even longer.


Its an excellent way to get your fat macros in, the MCTs in the coconut oil are excellent for your mental clarity, the fat in the butter keeps you full and satisfied, and the heavy whipping cream just tastes delicious! Have a great day friends!


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